Linear Earthwork running south of Old Warwick Road, Kingswood

Description of this historic site

A Linear earthwork with a ditch either side, running south of and parallel to the Old Warwick Road at Kingswood. Possibly an old line of the road.

Notes about this historic site

1 Linear earthwork running south of and parallel to the Old Warwick Road in Kingwood. Earthwork is bounded on either side by a ditch. It can be seen running intermintantly for approximately 260m to the east of the Grand Union Canal. Some evidence for it extending to the west of the canal. Possibly an old line of the Warwick Road, however documentary evidence shows that current road line was in existance in 1699. Possible road line must have fallen out of use prior to the building of Kingswood Farmhouse which dates to the late C17th as the frontage of the building is on the north side along the current road. Possible old road line would have run to the south of the farmhouse and along the north frontage of the Dower House/Manor House (dating to Early C16th). Cobbles visible on surface and in section cut through earthwork by small stream. Site Visit and Photographs taken 28/02/2007.
2 Photographs.
3 Further correspondance on this site.

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