Kenilworth Abbey Gatehouse

Description of this historic site

Kenilworth Abbey Gatehouse was built during the Medieval period and is constructed of red sandstone. It consists of two compartments and the gateway runs between them with a single large arch. The remains still stand and are situated in Abbey Fields.

Notes about this historic site

1 A 14th century gatehouse near the NW corner of Kenilworth Abbey precincts facing N. It is of local red sandstone and consists of two vaulted compartments – the inner now in ruins – opening to the N by a four-centred arch. Between the two compartments is the gateway, with a large segmental arch, flanked on the W by a small doorway, with pointed arch, for foot passengers. In the E wall of each compartment is an arched recess with a stone seat and in the W wall of the inner is a doorway into the porter’s lodge. This lodge is divided into two halves. There are traces of a wall running S from the W side of the lodge and another running E.
4 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument No 10.
6 In fair condition but very overgrown with vegetation at the top.
7 1977: An excavation was conducted when the building was restored. The excavation revealed several stone walls joining the gatehouse.
8 The site is within the Scheduled area of the SAM of Kenilworth Abbey (Monument Number 35115).
9 Observation of ground reduction around the former doorway on the north side of the gatehouse at Kenilworth Abbey, which is to opened up and a new door inserted. Residual fragments of glazed medieval floor tile were recovered from the overlying soil.

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