Iron Age linear earthwork

Description of this historic site

A linear earthwork, possibly Iron Age in date, and forming part of Hobditch, a boundary feature. It is visible in parts as an earthwork and is visible on aerial photographs. It is located 900m south east of Umberslade Park.

Notes about this historic site

1 A clear linear bank on a similar alignment to the Merryman’s Farm earthwork shows on aerial photographs. In the field the earthwork is under plough, although traces of the earthwork survive. In the SW it is associated with a complex of other earthworks of uncertain origin. It is possible that this linear earthwork curves away from this alignment to the SW. N towards Kemps Green Farm the bank and ditch are more clearly defined. The earthwork is about 12m across and there is about 0.5m difference in elevation between the bottom of the ditch and the top of the bank. The bank appears to have been constructed of clay with stones.
2 Aerial photographs.

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