Idlicote Park

Description of this historic site

The site of Idlicote Park, a landscape park dating to the Post Medieval period. It is marked on various maps including the Ordnance Survey map of 1886. It is located to the south west of Idlicote.

Notes about this historic site

1 Villa type pleasure grounds with walks, paddock park, lodge, drive/avenue, kitchen garden, orchard. Attached to mid 18th century house on earlier site. House and grounds remodelled in 19th century (photos exist). Features include important 18th century dovecote. Recommended for inclusion on the Local List.
2 Idlicote House preserves a small scale late 18th century villa landscape which contrasts with neighbouring larger 18th century landscapes. The estates belonged to Kenilworth Priory until the Dissolution. In 1755 they were bought by Hon. Heneage Legge, who was probably responsible for rebuilding the house as a Palladian villa before 1759. It is possible that the current layout of the grounds reflects the mid 18th century layout to some extent, despite subsequent remodellings. Features include lawns, ha-ha, pleasure grounds, shrubbery and parkland; structures of interest include a fine set of railings and an important dovecote. Modern features include a formal fruit and vegetable garden. Open under the National Gardens Scheme. Photos included.
34 Shown on OS 1:10560 1886 Shts 51SW/54NW.
56 OS 1:10560 1906/1923 Shts 51SW/54NW shows parkland shaded.
7 An avenue led SE towards Idlicote Hill; Park Hill lay to the south of the house. No park indicated on early 19th century maps (Greenwood, OS 1′). House altered 1863 and restored 1895. Suggests dovecote may be a converted structure originally from Kenilworth Abbey.
8 Illustrative map for 7, showing Park Hill and avenue.
9 A small park is shown on Greenwood’s map of 1822.

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