Gaydon Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible extent of Medieval settlement of Gaydon, including the known shrunken settlement. The extent of the settlement is suggested by documentary evidence and the remains of ridge and furrow cultivation.

Notes about this historic site

1 The possible extent of the medieval settlement, based on the Ordnance Survey 6″ first edition maps – 46NW of 1885, and 46SW of 1886.
2 The ridge and furrow plotting of the parish.
3 Gaydon is not listed in the Domesday survey.
4 The first edition maps show a rather dispersed village. The church [WA648] is on the site of a C13th chapel. Two Manor Farms are shown, the one to the southeast has an L shaped pond in its grounds. Ridge and furrow encircles the village.
5 Observation of ground reduction and foundation trenches within the likely extent of medieval settlement. Two segments of limestone wall foundations were recorded. These totalled 4m in length and measured 1m wide. A further 3m long stretch of facing stones was also recorded. It is suggested that these walls may be part of a large building such as a barn. However, no building is shown in this position on the OS 1st edition.

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