Garden (16th/17thC?) or cultivation terraces at Manor Farm, Luddington.

Description of this historic site

The site of possible cultivation terraces which are of Medieval and Post Medieval date. The terraces face south and were possibly used to grow grapevines. OR this could be the garden of the Manor House in the 16th/17th century. They are located 200m north of the church, Luddington.

Notes about this historic site

1 A series of terraces occur in the field immediately north of Manor Farm, Luddington. The terraces are regular and are approached by an earthen ramp. The field in which they occur is recorded as ‘The Orchard’ on an estate map of 1704, and it is possible that it carried fruit trees. However a person, who has surveyed the site, was of the opinion that its southerly aspect and gentle gradient would have suited it to the cultivation of vines. The regularity of the terraces and their excellent condition suggest a relatively late origin.
3 A small excavation was carried out by an extramural group at Manor Farm, to search for remains of any Medieval frontage or buildings. No such remains were found.
4 Estate map.
5 Excavations may have revealed some of the terrace features.
6 Correspondence from 1990.
7 Note from 1994.
8 Site visit by Bryn Gethin and subsequent study of lidar suggests that this may have been a terraced garden belonging to the Manor House c.16th/17th century.

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