Fishponds at Newland Hall Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of fishponds used for breeding and storing fish. They were of Medieval or Post Medieval date. The site lies 800m west of Ash Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 S and E of Newland Hall Farm a depression, now mostly drained of water, probably marks the site of fish ponds; there is no evidence of it having been part of a moat. The depression is crossed by a causeway some 46m long where large stumps of recently-felled trees suggest an Avenue; and its grass banks are broken by ancient sandstone retaining walls of varying height. The occupier mentioned a bridge of some sort having been here until fairly recently.
3 The Birmingham motorway will destroy a fine series of fishponds.
4 The fishponds were filled in in 1960, when the farmer took advantage of the nearby construction of the M6 motorway to hire earthmoving equipment. A site visit revealed that traces of the ponds survive. To the E of the farm a bank about 0.5m high exists around a large hollow. W of the farm, along a hedgerow, a substantial bank over 1m high remains.
5 Photographed in 1980.

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