Fishponds 200m E of Stoneton Manor

Description of this historic site

Fishponds, used for the breeding and storage of fish. The fishponds are marked on an estate map of 1634. They date to Medieval or Post Medieval period. They survive as earthworks, and are situated 100m east of the Manor at Stoneton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Grove Field opposite the manor contains springs. In this field are vestiges of fishponds and watercourses, which are
clearly marked on the Spencer Map of 1634.
2 Two ponds and their connecting watercourse, which flows into the moat, are shown.
3 One of the fishponds and part of the watercourse were located. They contain no water. The pond is roughly circular in shape. It is probable that the other fishpond was destroyed by construction of the present Stoneton to Priors Hardwick road, which does not appear on the Spencer map.

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