Findspot - Bronze Age gold object near Wormleighton

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a gold or bronze money ring dating to the Bronze Age was found in 1851 near Wormleighton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Marginal. Pennanular gold ring turned up by extra deep ploughing in a field at Wormleighton in 1851. Its weight is 10 pennyweights and nearly 17 grains and a half, and it is formed of a massive bar shaped into a perfect ring except for a small opening in one part of the circle. It is ornamented with circular rings, and in the author’s opinion the ring was cast and the ornament chased out afterwards.
2 Found near site of a former mansion. It was not however found in association with building material. Probably a rather ornate example of Bronze Age ‘ring-money’.
3 In Lockets Collection. Sold June 1955 to a collector whose name could not be divulged.
4 Gold on bronze core?
5 Note about the sale of the ring.

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