Fishponds at Wormleighton Deserted Settlement

Description of this historic site

A large complex of fishponds, used for the breeding and storage of fish. They were associated with the Medieval village of Wormleighton. They survive as earthworks, and are situated to the north west of the present hamlet of Wormleighton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Fishponds, now dry. The largest was fed by a spring. The controlled effluent from this large embanked pond seems to have led off from the NE corner following a small runnel along its N edge to enter the smallest of the four fish-breeding tanks. Surplus water could be directed from the large pond down a small channel into the main stream bypassing the village.
4 Perhaps the most impressive fishpond complex (?in Warwickshire). This must raise the question of whether all fishpond complexes are pre-depopulation; the four small tanks seem to lie right over the line of the village street leading up towards the church, and it is difficult to see how they could have been in use at the same time. After depopulation the line of the old sunken village street might have seemed an obvious place to lay out a pond system.
5 Numerous fishponds show traces of ridge and furrow in the bottom. In some cases this may be the result of later utilisation, but many examples must be the result of alternative ploughing of dry beds between periods when the ponds were waterfilled. One of the best examples is the large square pond at Wormleighton.
6 The rectangular pond also has an island.
7 Scheduled Ancient Monument Record.
8 Scheduling revised.
9 The fishpond was still in use during the 18th century – ‘Oct: 8. 1756 ‘Rode to Wormleighton after breakfast with Mr Grenville and Carter to see the great pool fished’.

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