Assorted 18th-19th Century Finds, Tower Hill, Bidford on Avon

Description of this historic site

Findspot - various finds dating to the Imperial period were found in the area of Tower Hill. Coins dating to the Tudor and Stuart periods were also found at this location.

Notes about this historic site

1 Quebec Bank token for a halfpenny of 1852 was found in 1989 at SP107520.
2 A bronze button and an ornamental boss both of the 19th century were found in 1989 at SP110520 together with coins of George II and George III.
4 A 19th century penny token and a late 19th century 3d check were found in 1989 at SP108521.
5 A coin of George I, a clothes fastener in the form of a ropework loop, a weight of 4oz and a lead seal matrix probably of the 18th century were found in 1989 at SP107520.
6 A silver button, a button top, two shoe buckles and a George III counterfeit sixpence were reported in 1989. The grid reference given was SP110520.
7 A coin weight from the period of George III and a pipe tamper of the 17th century were found in 1990 at SP108522.
8 A screw, an ornamental sprig and a clothes fastener, all 18th or 19th century were found in 1990 at SP108512.
9 George IV farthing, double bent for a love token.
10 Bronze hexagonal screw nut and bronze small lynch pin found in 1991 at SP108521.
11 One 19th century token and two 19th century tallies or checks were found in 1991 at SP108512.
12 Gun flint. Method of recovery unrecorded. Location “Tower Hill top.

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