Excavation of West Defences (1980), Mancetter

Description of this historic site

An excavation revealed three ditches and a possible thorn barrier of Roman date. These features were situated 130m south west of Mancetter Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 1980: A more detailed excavation funded by the Atherstone Archaeological Society was undertaken. An area 36.6 by 6m was excavated by machine. The archaeological features consisted mainly of three ditches and a possible thorn barrier. The pottery recovered includes Samian, which should give the best dating date for this site, c. 50-65AD.
2 Plan.
3 Section.
4 Silver denarius, 12BC, was recovered from one of the ditches.
5 Correspondence.
6 Noted. 1st century fort; confirmed line of W defences.

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