Dodwell Deserted Post Medieval Settlement, Luddington.

Description of this historic site

The site of the deserted settlement of Dodwell dating to the Post Medieval period. It is visible as an earthwork. The earthworks include house platforms, hollow ways, enclosures and evidence of ridge and furrow. The site is located 850m west of Bordon Hill, Luddington.

Notes about this historic site

1 Dodwell appears to have been wholly enclosed at some time before 1704. Since then the ancient hamlet of Dodwell, which consisted of some half-dozen houses a little to the N of the modern farm house, has disappeared.
3 Poor archaeology (C), no historical information whether the name belonged to more than a Manor, Grange etc.
4 Area likely to be the site of Dodwell. 17th – 18th century pottery picked up especially in one small area. Information from owner. Field to NE marked as ‘Old House Field’.
5 Dodwell is a deserted site, represented by only a single farm, but the original village site was located during field survey. Houses stood beside a field called Dodwell Green in 1704 and stone foundations are still visible.
7 The village street is visible as a narrow, winding, ditch-like feature. It is better preserved to the N. A branch runs for a short distance NE towards a spring. A number of separate raised areas exist, each representing the enclosure of one or a number of houses. On one stone foundations are still visible. The site is entirely surrounded by ridge and furrow. The site is under grass and in a reasonably good state of preservation.
8 Noted by Ordnance Survey.
9 Trackway through village clearly visible and a report of a cobbled surface found during building work.
10 Plan of Luddington showing the location of Dodwell.

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