Shipston Greenway/Ridgeway

Description of this historic site

The site of a trackway dating to the Early Medieval period. It is known from documentary evidence and is visible as an earthwork. It is located 600m south of Waddon Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 A greenway runs from Husbandman’s End, Shipston eastward to the River Stour which it crossed by Neal’s Ford (See WA 2120). On the east side of the River a hedgerow marks the line of the track as far as SP2640 in Barcheston parish. This may be the Ridgeway referred to in the charter of AD757-B183
2 In the Sawyer’s ‘Anglo Saxon Charters’ we read of the charter, number 55, dated AD 757, on page 236, and the following comments: Turner (1916) citing Stevenson -‘dubious’. Grundy (1928) and Finsberg – the early charters of the west midlands – 1961 -‘authentic’. It is most likely that this charter is pre-conquest and Sawyer suggests a date of late 10th century for it.
3 The lane was originally extended westwards by a driftway, the line of which can be traced by a line of trees between Shipston High School and its playing field as far west as SP2440.

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