Disused well in Norton Lindsey.

Description of this historic site

A well, probably dating from the mid 18th century and containing an assemblage of potsherds, was uncovered in Main Street, Norton Lindsey.

Notes about this historic site

1 A stone lined well, bonded with mortar, was uncovered and partially excavated in advance of construction work. It had been backfilled with loam which contained an almost complete pot inscribed on the base with the name Benjamin, and which was similar to Polesworth Fabric 3,and an assemblage of 38 sherds including two of Midlands Blackware and two of Midlands Yellow, both mainly 17th century type. The bottle glass from the fill was all late 17th century. There was no evidence for any medieval activity at the site.
2 Extensions to a Grade II Listed 17th century house, located a post medieval stone-built well, its fill dated to the mid 18th century. An almost complete internally glazed courseware jar, inscribed ‘Benjeman Long’ on its base, was recovered. This may have been produced at Polesworth in the early 18th century; its form and fabric are similar to Polesworth vessels, and a family of potters called ‘Long’ is recorded there from the late 17th to the early 19th century.
3Mentioned. Pottery of Benjamin Long illustrated.

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