Cutlin Mill Cottage, Atherstone on Stour

Description of this historic site

Cutlin Mill Cottage, the remaining structure from a vanished mill. The mill was demolished before 1752. The cottage is located 200m south east of the church at Atherstone on Stour. The cottage appears to have been largely destroyed by a fire in 2011.

Notes about this historic site

1 The cottage was surveyed prior to the relocation of the building. On stylistic grounds, it is not likely to be earlier than the late 16th century and it is more probably of 17th century date. The report includes elevation drawings, plans and photographs.

2 In 2002 foundation trenches were dug in the garden with the view of moving the building back from the road. An archaeological observation was carried out but only revealed 19th/20th century pottery in the top soil. No structural remains of the former mill or any other buildings were found. The soil in the area was particularly dark, attributed to the 19th century practice of putting soot on vegetable gardens to allow the soil to warm up more quickly in spring.
It is noted that the cottage appears to have been designed primarily for storage, later being converted for use as a dwelling then into two cottages and finally back into one.
The cottage consists of two bays with internal, re-used, timber partitioning and lath and plaster partitioning. Oringinally the two floors would have been open throughout. The northen end has a brick built outshoot containing a bread oven and a copper. The southern gable has been completely rebuilt in brick, probably in he 19th century when the cottage was subdivided. It is marked on an estate map of 1811.

3 As of early 2011 the building does not appear to have moved from itÂ’s original location, it appears to be deserted and in poor condition.

4 The building appears to have burnt down and is now largely destroyed.

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