Cropmark, possible Iron Age/Romano-British enclosures, Wellesbourne

Description of this historic site

Enclosures and linear features are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs. They may indicate the site of a possible settlement dating to the Iron Age/Roman period. Pottery of this date has been found at the site, which is located 900m west of Wellesbourne.

Notes about this historic site

2 Probable settlement consisting of subrectangular enclosures, linear features and pits shows as cropmark. Morphologically these cropmarks could be of Iron Age or Roman date and a few Iron Age/Romano British potsherds have been found (PRN 6271), along with a burial urn (PRN 1134).
5 Scheduled.
6 Fieldwork produced no finds.
7 SAM Description.
8 Three potsherds found.
9 Correspondence from 1971 about the route of a gas pipeline.
10 Plan for 9.

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