Cob Walled Building, Blackwell

Description of this historic site

The site of a cob-walled building probably dating to the early 20th Century. It was located 150m north east of the chapel in Blackwell.

Notes about this historic site

1 Cob walled building recorded in 1978 by Stephen Ball prior to destruction.
Noted as a 3 bay barn with open end gable at the east end. The north and west walls were made from cob sitting on sills of local lias stone. The south wall was rebuit in brick on the original stone sill with a small portion of cob surviving at the west end where a window appears to have been. A window was set in brick in the north wall at the west end. The roof tiles were red clay tiles and the timberwork was a mixture of deal and elm with some of this appearing to be reused floor beams and other reused timber.
No dating is given in the report.
2 An additional file note by Ian Greig suggests the location of the building by Ball on his plan is wrong. Historic map analysis by Greig shows the building to appear first on the 1923 OS 1:2500 County Series 3rd epoch map. He notes it is also shown on the OS 1970s map but not in 2007. The inference is made that the building was destroyed between 1978 and 2007. Greig also comments on Ball’s notes relating to the mixed construction and reuse of materials and that this could relate to scarcity of materials or financial stringency due to the 1st World War.

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