Undated stone wall at Tredington House, Tredington.

Description of this historic site

An undated stone wall was recorded during archaeological observation. The wall may have belonged to a later medieval or post-medieval building on the site, perhaps the rectory. The site is located at Tredington House, Tredington.

Notes about this historic site

1 Archaeological observation at Tredington House, which incorporates part of a late 15th century rectory, recorded an undated stone wall. The wall cut a medieval ground surface, which contained 12th/13th century pottery. The wall also contained a fragment of stone jamb in oolitic limestone, presumably from an earlier building on the site. This must have been a relatively high status building as the stone for its masonry details was not local, being imported from Ilmington. The method of construction of the wall suggested that it may also have been medieval and it was possible that it was part of the former 15th century rectory. The re-used masonry within the wall may have derived from rebuilding part of the church.

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