Bramcote Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible extent of the medieval settlement at Bramcote based on the Ordnance Survey map of 1887 and on aerial photographs.

Notes about this historic site

1 The possible extent of the medieval settlement based on the OS map of 1887, 17NE.
2 There are 3 entries for Bramcote in Domesday, in Brinklow Hundred. The Phillimore edition has a grid ref of SP4188.
Ref14,4 (Land of Earl Aubrey) in Bramcote 1 1/2 hides. Land for 3 ploughs. Salo held it; he was a free man. 1 villager. The value was 5s.
Ref 22,10 Robert Hunter holds 1 hidefrom him (Henry of Ferrers) in Bramcote. Land for 2 ploughs, which [are] therw, with 1 villager. Value 10s.
Ref 44,2 Richard (the Forester) also holds 1/2 hide in Bramcote. Land for 1 plough. 1 villager with 1/2 plough. Value 2s. Saxi held it freely.
3 The ridge and furrow plotting for the parish doesn’t show any survival immediately around the village.
4 The 1887 map shows very few houses; the western end contains a small triangular area, possibly indicating a market, and the dog-leg road lay out to its south east also suggests that there may have been settlement. There are known medieval sites immediately to the north and east [WA 4452 mill pond, WA5473 fishponds WA 3590 moat. Domesday indictes a small settlement in multi ownership and of little value.

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