Baddesley Wharf S of Whittington

Description of this historic site

Baddesley Wharf, a canal wharf and basin, where vessels would have loaded and unloaded goods and coal. It dates to the Imperial period and is situated west of Holly Lane.

Notes about this historic site

2 Described as a coal wharf, dates from 1771 but much altered in Victorian times when railway sidings installed. The buildings have gone, only the dock and the sidings remain. The OS 25″ of 1903 shows a major rail/ canal interchange with a one acre dock, railway sidings with connections with the LNWR and the Baddesley Collieries Railway.
3 This complex is now under an embankment supporting the straightened A5. The opening of the arm is visible from the towpath. There are a number of buildings possibly connected with the wharf and railway complex around the area. There is also a cottage (5th lock cottage) of white painted brick, two storeys high, by the adjacent lock.

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