A large, possibly medieval, pond located west of St. Peter's Church, Wootton Wawen.

Description of this historic site

A large pond recorded on a mid-19th century reconstruction of the Inclosure and Tithe awards. It may have been associated with the medieval Priory of Wootton Wawen. The site is located 100 west of St. Peter's Church, Wootton Wawen.

Notes about this historic site

1 A large pond is recorded on a reconstruction map showing information of mid-19th century date, taken from the Inclosure and Tithe awards. This pond may have been the fishpond referred to in an account of the Priory of Wootton Wawen’s holdings in 1379-80. The pond is visible on an aerial photograph dating to 1947, however, it is no longer in existence by 1967.
2 Ground investigation – comprising borehole survey and test pitting – was conducted to assess the depth and size of the pond, with a view to reinstating it. The size was established, but the depth could not be ascertained.

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