VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations

‘Socially-distanced’ celebrations were held in many places: here is a record from Stretton on Dunsmore. There were decorations of bunting (some home-made) and flags. A few street parties were held: the pictures are of Church Hill where both the Church and the village hall are closed at present. The road remained open – brightened with chalked pictures and a hopscotch grid – but there was very little traffic. Residents had a tea party on their doorstep and a few visitors (and dogs) taking their exercise walk passed through.

Past celebrations

Normally, on such an occasion, the centre of the village would be taken over by trestle tables and general jollification but because of the current pandemic, this ceremony celebrated VE day in a more muted way. The older photograph shows how huge street parties were held 75 years ago to celebrate the end of hostilities in Europe towards the end of WWII.