Then and Now: The Fosse Way Near Brinklow

Trips to Swindon in the 1950s

We used to go down the Fosse Way to visit my Aunt, in Swindon. It wasn’t the same as now, it was a very quiet road and hardly anybody used it. It took a lot longer to get anywhere then, too, as you’d have to keep stopping to open the gates across the road – imagine trying to do that now!

Gated Roads

You can see a gate in that picture by Brinklow, it was my job to open the gates, mostly. The road was a lot narrower then, single track in places and you’d have to wait to let cars by in the other direction at times. It’s hard to see how the hedges can be the same ones, but they look like they’ve been there forever!

Off the Beaten Track

My Mum used to hate going on the Fosse Way going north of Brinklow, she’d complain it was like driving through a field and it really was, like a little track! You could barely make the road out from the fields north of the A5.
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