Last Coachman in Leamington

George Hull, the last coachman in Leamington, 1920s.
Image courtesy of Christine Rolf.

George Hull, my great grandfather, was a coachman to the Emmens family at Mount Vernon in Northumberland Road. I think the photo was taken in Trinity Street in Leamington, where my mother lived with him and my nan. He used to fetch my mum from school when it snowed. I think the photo was taken in the 1920s.

Writing poetry

My mum used to say that Mrs Emmens used to sit in the summer house writing  poetry, and she always had a musical box playing. She always wore a hat that had a wide brim and a chiffon tied over the top of it and under her chin.

The horse’s name was Paddy and in the winter he used to pull a sleigh when it snowed.

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