Former Country Houses

Baginton Hall.
Photo reproduced by permission of

As Clandon Park House in Surrey went up in flames so quickly in April 2015, it showed once again how fragile the items of the past could be. To me, working on this site, it drew parallels with the fire at Baginton Hall. That too saw a grand country house raised to the ground, with a furious effort made to save the treasures within.

For houses such as these, there is none of the slow decline that affects places such as Guy’s Cliffe. When bored, I often browse a site of England’s lost country houses, an insight through photography into the past. There are many reasons for the decline of a grand house, it seems.

So, a permanence of place is more fragile than we sometimes think. Time isn’t static, things change, and even to keep things as they are takes work…