Prehistoric Penannular gully II, Langley Brook

Description of this historic site

A Prehistoric penannular gully uncovered during excavations connected with the Birmingham Northern Relief Road project.

Notes about this historic site

1 One of two penannular gullies uncovered south of Langley Brook. This, the later was the largest of the two and had a west facing entrance. A Prehistoric date is suggested on morphology; there were no finds. Preceded by MWA 9108.
2 The fill was rich in heat-cracked quartzite pebbles and charcoal. Although no datable finds were recovered, charcoal from the primary fill produced a Middle Iron Age radiocarbon date of 400-200 cal BC. It is most likely part of an Iron Age settlement, with an Iron Age enclosure found on the same site, but north of Langley Brook and therefore, north of the county boundary.

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