Undated enclosure, Camp Hill, Nuneaton and Bedworth

Description of this historic site

The site of an enclosure of unknown date. It was sitauted 100m south of Cedar Road, Camp Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 The ‘Roman Camp’ shown here on Greenwood’s Map of 1822 was visited recently. It consists of a 2m ‘rampart’ with rudimentary ditches, 110 by 82.3m, with a Council Estate road running through the centre of it. Despite the very disturbed state of the ground, no pottery has been found.
2 1959: An area of much disturbed ground, traversed by a probable boundary bank. Nothing of archaeological interest shown on RAF aerial photographs.
3 Plan on OS Card.
4 It is stated that there is a Roman site ‘partly beneath and adjacent to Camp Hill Church.’
5 Map.
6Suggests that the camp was further south-east than shown on the HER. Two trenches excavated in the previous suggested location revealed no archaeological features.

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