Trackway and ford to E of Grove Field Farm, Hampton Lucy.

Description of this historic site

A trackway is visible as an earthwork which leads to the site of a ford across the river Avon, both are of unknown date. A modern footpath follows the route of the trackway though the river is no longer crossable. The site is located 850m north of Wasperton.

Notes about this historic site

1 The lane beyond Copdock Hill leads off the Fulbrook road to Grove Field Farm where it forks to continue as two field tracks. The northern track ends at an ancient ford over the Avon.
2 The Tithe Apportionment Map marks this field as “Ford Meadow”.
3 The farmer stated that this used to be an old drove road which crossed the Avon here and led on up to the NE, past what is known as Holloway Farm. A public footpath still follows this route although the crossing of the Avon is no longer possible.

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