Hampton Park

Description of this historic site

Hampton Park, a Medieval park, originally part of the Bishop of Worcester's demesne, later incorporated into the Post Medieval Fulbrook Park.

Notes about this historic site

1The Bishop of Worcester obtained a charter of free warren 1248/9. A park is referred to from 1299 onwards and sources indicate that it contained pasturage but ‘barely enough wood to fence the park’. The park was conveyed with the manor to the Duke of Northumberland in 1549 and described as one of the Bishop of Worcester’s woods. Probably identical with Hampton Woods, which later included in Fulbrook Park. Coney Ground marked in Tithe Award NE of Mount Pleasant.
2 Land in the north part of the parish of Hampton Lucy was heath and waste in the Medieval period, though still under the control of the lord of the manor. Enclosure of this land was completed by the late 17th/ early 18th century, with Hampton Woods being amongst the lands added to Fulbrook Park by Sir Thomas Lucy in the 17th century. The Deer Barn, under Copdock Hill, is an indication of the extent of the lands so transferred.

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