Site of Roman Tile Kilns to SW of Dick's Lane Bridge

Description of this historic site

The site of a tile kiln dating to the Roman period. Various finds were also recovered from this site, including a glass bead and a coin. The kiln was located 800m north east of Turner's Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 Roman tile kiln marked.
2 1935 finds amounted to a scatter of Roman roofing tiles, some of which were wasters, and a considerable amount of clinker.
3 After ploughing in 1967 kiln waste and sandstone were found in two areas about 49m apart. Excavation revealed a small Roman tile kiln with a 1.8m square firing chamber containing four cross walls. The outer wall was of undressed coursed sandstone with brick and clay facing to the interior. The flue walls stood to 1.4m, up to the springs of the flue arch. The flue was 1.5m long and floored in sandstone. There was evidence for a phase of rebuilding. The kiln produced a complete range of roofing, box-flue, floor and sub-floor tiles.
4 Nine individual tilers’ marks were recorded. A small trial trench located the cross walls at kiln B approximately 15m S of A.
5 A 3rd to 4th century coin was found at this location. A glass bead with trail design around circumference was found at this location. Illustration in FI File.
6 Celtic and Roman finds consisted of pottery, coins, metalwork and a Roman glass bead and ranged in date from 1st century AD to the 4th century AD.
7 An early 2nd century coin was found at this location.
8 A 2nd century coin found at this location.
9 A Roman bronze casting of a female face wearing headdress/veil found at this location.
10 Letter from 1960.
11 Correspondence from 1964.
12 Note about the materials used at the kiln.
13 See MWA6108 for discussion of further Roman kilns found at this site in advance of M40 construction.

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