Site of Roman Tile Kilns 400m SE of Dennis Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of several Roman tile kilns which were excavated. They were situated 400m south east of Dennis Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 Located during ploughing in 1964. Subsequent magnetometer survey produced a kiln. The site is in an elevated and well-drained location with clay and a water source close by. The kiln has a firing chamber with cross walls, a main flue and stoke holes. After abandonment the kiln was filled in. At a later date a trench cut the stoke hole; this was perhaps to form part of a second kiln, which was abandoned and then filled with rubbish. Pottery is probably of 2nd-3rd century date. The kiln was producing tegulae, imbrex, box-flue and flat tiles. Found in the topsoil was a fairly well-preserved long cross penny of Henry III (PRN 5143).
2 A further area was stripped revealing a well-preserved kiln (kiln 2) superimposed on a further kiln (kiln 3) of similar form to the original kiln. Both kilns were tile kilns, associated pottery indicated abandonment of kiln 2 in early 4th century. Eight stone-packed post holes possibly indicate the location of a workshop or drying shed. In the ash layer of kiln 2 a small bronze wire bracelet was found.
3,4,5 Ongoing excavation reports.
6 Interim report.
7 Mentioned.

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