Site of Roman Pottery Kilns 400m SW of White House, Hartshill.

Description of this historic site

The site of several Roman pottery kilns used for the manufacture of pottery, and possibly specialising in mortaria. They are situated 600m east of Snow Hill Recreation Ground.

Notes about this historic site

1 1959: A kiln producing hammer-head mortaria and other coarse ware was trenched at Hartshill. Information from M and B Stanley.
2 1960: A small pottery kiln, 0.9m in diameter, with a central pedestal of clay and stone, was excavated in advance of quarrying. The pottery included numbers of carinated vessels, plates and a mortaria stamped with name VITALIS 4 (date cAD100-120).
3 Excavation by MPBW after a magnetometer survey indicated eighteen kilns. All were either circular or oval and of updraught type. The kilns ranged from early C2 to C4 with a marked emphasis on production of mortaria. Various names of potters occur and a clay name-die of MOSSIVS was found.
4 Interim report for 1961.
5 1961: Excavation revealed a further fourteen kilns specialising in production of mortaria. One kiln was producing colour-coated and painted wares. It is now clear that the kilns were confined to the top and slopes of the hill. No traces of buildings were found.
6 Interim report for 1962
7 Interim report for 1960
8 Preliminary report , 1960.
9 Photocopied information.
10 Correspondence from 1959.
11 Extracts from WMANS reports on the excavations.
12 Noted. 1 kiln trenched following magnetometer survey; 32 excavated – producing coarse-wares and mortaria.
13 Ancient Monuments Laboratory report on the Petrology of Mortaria from Mancetter-Hartshill Romano-British kilns. It is unclear exactly which kiln site in the Mancetter-hartshill area the samples were taken from. However, the conclusion is that the mortaria inclusions are probably from stone from the Mancetter-Hartshill area.

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