Site of Post Medieval Lodge at Smalley Place

Description of this historic site

The site of one of the castle's lodges which dated to the Post Medieval period and bore the initials of Robert Leicester. It was damaged by a landmine during the Second World War and was subsequently pulled down. It was situated 900m south east of the castle.

Notes about this historic site

1 One of Lodges to castle, supposed to have been built by Robert, Earl of Leicester, stood here. It was damaged by land-mine in 1939-45 War and pulled down by Corporation. An old barn still stands to N of site which was one of the farm buildings when lodge was used as farm.
2 An Elizabethan house of two stories, coated over with roughcast. Over the door a wooden tablet flanked with the initials R L (Robert Leicester). In former times one of the Lodges of the castle and the road to the castle leads from here.
3 1951: The tile floors are all that remains. 1961: The site is now covered with scrub and grass.

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