Site of old Banbury road S of Warwick

Description of this historic site

The course of the old Banbury Road used in the Medieval and Post Medieval periods. The road is visible on aerial photographs. It ceased to be used when the area became parkland in 1744. It is located in Castle Park, Warwick.

Notes about this historic site

1 Old Banbury road (SP 28 64 – 29 63), to the the south of Warwick abandoned when the area was emparked in 1744. The site shows on Aerial Photographs.
2 A ditch was recorded during evaluation in Brooke Close. This was probably the north-eastern boundary ditch for the medieval road. A number of other features were suggested as being associated with the medieval road.
3 The course of the road ia sivisble with a series of possible roadside features on aerial photographs; its route can also be traced on Google Earth.
4The Speed map of 1610 calls it Cross Street when within Bridge End, no doubt because of the preaching/market cross shown at the junction of the three main streets in the suburb.

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