Site of Medieval Grange at Cawston House

Description of this historic site

The site of a Medieval grange, a farm or estate associated with a monastery. The grange is known to have existed from documentary evidence. The site lies 500m south east of Cawston.

Notes about this historic site

1 Cawston Lodge is a modern house, possibly on the site of a grange of the monks of Pipewell.
2 An important grange, built like a monastery, with cloister dormitories for monks and lay brethren, redorter, frater and chapel. It was burnt in 1307 but rebuilt.
3 In the grounds are some remains of a moat (PRN 5539).
4 Noted.
5 Earthmoving prior to the construction of an office and laboratory extension at Cawston House revealed no archaeological features and no significant archaeological finds were made.
6 Watching Brief uncovered no features or deposits of archaeological interest centred on SP 4767 7290.

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