Site of ford at Stratford

Description of this historic site

A ford across the River Avon. At one stage it carried the Roman road from Alcester (hence Straet-Ford) but it was in use both before and after this period. It was located in the area of the present Clopton Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 A trackway on the eastern side of Alveston Pasture is possibly of Roman origin and is mentioned in an Alveston Charter. The route continues to the fords at Stratford, Tiddington and Halton. By the late Iron Age the fording place at Stratford was already in use serving the routeway from the saltworkings at Droitwich to East Anglia.
2 Referred to in charters of AD 985 and AD 988.
3 Map illustrative of approximate position of ford in Early Medieval period.
4 Date range reduced to Bronze Age (rather than lower Palaeolithic!) to Medieval.