Roman well, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

A Roman well which was probably reused during the Medieval period. Roman and Medieval pottery was found in the well which was situated in the area of Birch Abbey, Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 1951: Masonry discovered in the yard of the factory of Needle Industries Ltd. A trial excavation proved it to be the top of a well with a light-brown earth filling, rich in a variety of Roman sherds. In 1957 it was completely excavated. Immediately to the NW was a deposit rich in Roman sherds including amphorae. The shaft of the well was well-constructed; internal diameter 0.8m. The stone lining extended for 4.6m and the total depth was 4.8m. The contents of the well indicated a complex history. The bottom layer contained two complete pots, other pottery and part of a flue tile. Layer 2 contained Medieval tiles and carved stone and layer 3 contained Roman and Medieval finds and two complete human skeletons (see PRN 5497). Layers 4 to 8 were fairly free of artefacts.
3 Site no 13 in list.
4 Probably a Roman well re-excavated in the Medieval period.

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