Roman Settlement, Wishaw Hall Farm, Wishaw

Description of this historic site

A Roman settlement uncovered near Grove Lane, Wishaw during site excavations connected with the Birmingham Northern Relief Road project.

Notes about this historic site

1 In the south east corner of the site, a sequence of small Roman enclosures were found. These contained several pit features and a cobbled surface with evidence for a possible structure. These features are believed to be associated with a Roman settlement centred just south of the easement area. A trackway exists north east of the settlement and a system of agricultural plots appear to surround it.
2 A Roman rectalinear enclosure was recorded, enclosing an area approximately 0.25ha, with its entrance to the north-east corner. A number of features were excavated within this enclosure, few of which could be securely dated and none could be ascrived to a particular activity. No building traces were located within the enclosure, but finds do suggest domestic buildings in the vicinity. A number of field boundaries were recorded to the north of this enclosure.

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