Roman Road Running E-W between River Anker and Watling St at Manduessedum

Description of this historic site

Several roads were excavated and were found to date to the Roman period. They were situated 450m north west of Crab Tree Farm, Mancetter.

Notes about this historic site

1 Two parallel lines NE/SW show on aerial photographs.
2 This could indicate a possible roadway. If the line of this ‘road’ is projected north it extends into the area of the broadclose excavations. A Roman road surface was found on the line of the projection of this cropmark.
3 1971: Excavation revealed the junction between the service road sectioned in 1970 and another contemporary road, apparently running between Watling Street and the River Anker. Features were found to pre- and post-date the roads.
4 1977: The N-S road was investigated further. This road had two surfaces. The first surface was not earlier than the 3rd century. The second road running E to Watling Street was confirmed, and another discovered heading W towards the settlement at Mancetter village. These roads sealed earlier features.
5 Plan showing possible connecion between roads excavated and this cropmark.

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