Roman Coins from Radford Semele

Flat green field with low treeline in far background | Image courtesy of Gary Stocker August 2020
Find spot for Roman coins on Pounce Hill Farm
Image courtesy of Gary Stocker August 2020
Description of this historic site

Findspot - 13 Roman coins were found on Pounce Hill Farm, Radford Semele.

Notes about this historic site

1 Gallienus (AD 253 – 268), antoninnianus. A miss struck anton; Constans (AD 337 – 350), 1/2 centenionalis, ?phoenix; Constantinopolis (AD 330 – 335), AE 3/4; Roma (AD 330-335) AE 3/4; Constantinus II (AD 337 – 361) AE 4; 2 House of Constantine (AD 307 – 363) AE 3/4; Two more House of Constantine; Four coins, 3rd and 4th Century, too worn to identify.
2 Connected to site of Roman Villa on Pounce Farm WA9268.
3 Considers this group unlikely to have contained any gold coins.

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