Post Medieval Gateway at Newnham Paddox

Description of this historic site

A Post Medieval gate way which is situated at Newnham Paddox.

Notes about this historic site

1 An early 18th century wrought iron gateway consisting of a central gate, four square piers, a screen and side gates. Elaborate scrollwork and ornamentation decorates the gateway. Grade 1. This is located at the N end of a former avenue of trees which formed a principal approach to the now demolished house. The gateway is 28m wide overall, flanked by short brick walls; it has a maximum height of approx 5m. The condition is good.
2 The gates have been described as ‘perhaps the largest and most beautiful gates in the kingdom’. They were brought here in 1873 from Berwick House and came originally from a Spanish monastery.
4 Noted by Pevsner.

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