Possible Roman feature to S of Harefield Lane, Arbury

Description of this historic site

During an excavation of a linear stone feature, pottery, tile, a coin and three whetstones were found. The excavation took place 100m north east of The Rough near to the A5.

Notes about this historic site

1 An excavation conducted by K Scott revealed a large stoney area. A section through this area produced pottery, tile and a coin.
2 Plan.
3 Section.
4 Slides.
5 Three whetstones were also recovered from this site. All three can scratch glass, and mild steel, which means they could sharpen or hone mild steel edges on tools. Definately non-local rocks. Possibly imported from Europe.
6 More information is needed in order to locate and date this site accurately. As there is no dating evidence at present, this site is recorded as undated.

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