Possible Long Barrow on Long Hill, Alderminster

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible long barrow dating to the Neolithic period. It is visible as an earthwork and on aerial photographs. Flint artefacts dating to this period have also been found near the site. It is located south west of Loxley.

Notes about this historic site

1 Scheduled long barrow on Long Hill.
2 About 30 x 12m x 1m, with little appreciable diminution of breadth or height.
3 The barrow is situated at the above grid reference on arable land, and is orientated with the large end downhill to the SW. It is visible on some air photographs examined by the OS.
4 ?Long barrow. Orientated SW/NE. Max height 0.6m. Under plough. Another rectangular mound (pillow mound?) to SSE (PRN 1285).
5 The only visible long barrow in Warwickshire. It lies on a N-S axis on the S side of the hill and has been damaged by Medieval ploughing. Numerous worked flints have been found in this field (PRN 6286).
6 1979: Under plough. Barrow is still visible, but not much above 60cm high. Rectangular shape, rounded ends. About 20 x 11m in E/W axis. Signs of a slight but wide depression (3m) around it. 1982: A low mound in heavy clay soil, slightly lighter in colour than the surrounding soil. No shattered stone visible in plough soil, many large stones dumped in nearby hedgerows. Vestigial ditch on E side.
7 Letters from 1958 about plough damage.

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