Negative WB at the Memorial Hall, Old Farm Road

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Negative watching brief at the Memorial Hall.

1 Extension to the Memorial Hall. The process of clearing topsoil from the site of the new extension to the Hall, and of digging foundations for new walls, was watched throughout 3rd and 4th January 1973. Most of the area cleared was overlaid by at least two feet of apparently undifferentiated topsoil; the foundation trenches themselves were dug down well into undisturbed subsoil. The only man-made disturbances discovered were modern; there was no sign of stratification in the topsoil, and no archaeological artefacts were found.
2 In 1977 the car park at the Hall was extended. The drainage area for the car park had previously been disturbed when digging the foundations for the wall of the extension to the Hall. Another area to be covered with tarmac had already been covered with gravel.

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