Mounds to E of Hill Cottage

Description of this historic site

Three mounds of unknown date are visible as earthworks. They have been interpreted as barrows or anthills that were covered over with lime. The mounds are situated in the area of Tomlow.

Notes about this historic site

1 Barrow – This small mound is not marked on the 1:25,000 map – is it a barrow? It appears to have been dug into at one time. General denudation – pasture, cattle wearing away at sides. This is a small mound in a wet pasture field – marshy type of grass growing around mound – might be a ditch.
2 Three round mounds beside the road to Tomlow were thought to be the Twam Hlaw. Apart from being the wrong number of mounds, the farmer claims that they are anthills, the practice of piling up anthills and then treating them with lime being quite common in the district.
3 Only one mound was located.

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