Moat in Monwode Lea Wood

Description of this historic site

A moat, a wide ditch surrounding a building, which is Medieval in date. It is visible as an earthwork and is situated in Monwode Lea Wood, Ansley.

Notes about this historic site

1 At Monwode Lea was a ‘capital mansion’ now destroyed called Moat House. The moat still remains on the S side of Monwode Lea a short way after you enter it from Ansley Church.
2 Monwode is mentioned as a manor in 1365 and additional 14th century and 15th century references exist. It is last mentioned in 1481.
3 Much mutilated remains of the moat were located.
4 The mutilated remains of the moat take the form of two ponds, stagnant, which form a V shaped marsh. No house remains could be traced but the wood was very overgrown.

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