Moat to W of Manor House

Fishponds, Ilmington | Warwickshire County Council
Fishponds, Ilmington
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

The site of a Medieval moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building, which lies under a fishpond. Part excavation has uncovered some Medieval occupation debris, and the site remains visible as an earthwork. It is situated to the north of St Mary's Church, Ilmington.

Notes about this historic site

1 1976: An exploratory excavation confirmed the existence of a moat under one of the ponds. Two trenches were dug; Trench 1 through the inner bank of the moat and Trench 2, a 5m square, near the centre of the moat. Trench 1 produced a rubble area associated with late Medieval pottery and roof tile fragments. Below this was a grey clayey soil containing pottery provisionally dated to 12th – 13th century. The fill of the moat contained wet blue-grey silt, but was not bottomed. Possible traces of a recut were also found. A number of glazed and decorated tiles of late Medieval date were found. A fragment of 16th century jug handle was found in the top layer. Trench 2 located an area of rubble containing pottery, animal bone and charcoal. Other layers at a greater depth also contained pottery. Sherds recovered have been provisionally dated the 12th – 13th century. The evidence suggests that there was originally a moated site here. By the 14th century an internal building was in a state of disrepair and at this time the moat was recut on two sides to provide fishponds.

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