Moat 200m W of Bockenden Grange

Description of this historic site

Moat, probably a garden feature relating to the grange.

Notes about this historic site

1 A moat, now dry, just above the farm. A small square moat, now dry.
2 One of three moats within 200m of one another. A field survey was carried out on what is probably the earliest of the three moats, which apparently overlies ridge and furrow. It may be the original site of a grange of Stoneleigh Abbey (PRN 5355).
4 Moat about 42m by 40m with enclosure banks on NW, SW and SE sides. The moat is about 8m wide.
5 The moat is shown surrounding an orchard on an early 18th century map. It appears to be part of the gardens which also included an avenue.
6 However, despite the fact that the moat was used as part of the gardens in the 18th century does not count against it being medieval.

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