Medieval Fishponds 400m SE of Lapworth Park

Description of this historic site

Medieval fishponds used for the breeding and storage of fish. They are still visible as earthworks, and are situated 800m south west of Copt Green, Lapworth.

Notes about this historic site

1 A fine fishpond complex associated with a small moat (PRN 1742) in Lapworth Park. One of the fishponds is shown on an OS map and the remainder on the Tithe Map.
2 Three pondbays and a Medieval fishpond now dry are situated within a wooded valley upon a S-facing slope. The fishpond at SP1668 is probably associated with the moat (PRN 1742). The pond measures 40m E-W by 20m transversely and is retained by an earthen bank. The W side has been destroyed or is overlaid by a pond bay. In the main valley are 2 further pond bays. The upper one at SP1669 is 55m long, 12m wide and up to 2m high. It has a modern brick-built sluice and was waterfilled until 1944. The lower pondbay at SP1668 is 60m long, 8-12m wide and up to 2.5m high. The three pondbays held ponds of considerable extent and volume, but their purpose has not been discovered.
4 The northenmost pond has been refilled and is used for fishing. It is bounded on the N by a modern concrete dam. The stream still flows through the complex, but breaches have been made in all the earthworks.
5 Physical description of the site.

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